Marek Cecuła
world-famous artist, teacher and curator; founder of Modus Design and Ćmielów Design Studio
Marek Cecuła is a world-renowned artist, ceramicist, educator and curator. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards.

Cecuła spent his first 16 years in Kielce, Poland, before emigrating to Israel. He moved to Brazil 12 years later, followed by a move to New York City in 1976 where he set up Modus Design Studio and the Contemporary Porcelain Gallery.
From 1985-2004 he was Head and Coordinator of the Ceramics Department at Parsons School of Design in New York and from 2004-2010 he was Visiting Professor at the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen.

In 2012 he opened Design Centrum Kielce and a year later, the Ćmielów Design Studio.
In addition to designing utilitarian objects, Cecuła creates art installations on archeological and anthropological themes that fill entire gallery rooms.

founder of Modus Design, gallery of Contemporary Porcelain and Ćmielów Design Studio